Commercial Maintenance Plan

With our scheduled preventative maintenance your business and HVAC equipment will run at full efficiency and actually last longer if well maintained over the equipment's useful life. This, in turn, will save you money in the long run.

Our scheduled preventative maintenance plans include many of the following services:

  • Maintenance inspections performed twice per year
  • Check operation and calibrate the thermostat.
  • Replace/or wash the filters.
  • Check the temperature and the humidity at the supply vents and return grilles.
  • Clearance,cleanliness and balance the fan.
  • Make sure any strip heaters are fully operational.
  • Check and adjust the emergency pan switch.
  • Inspect and clean the entire condensation drain and trap.
  • Check the Delta Temperature across the evaporator coil.
  • Add algaecide if needed.
  • Clean the indoor and outdoor coil if necessary.
  • Check the voltage and outdoor amps.
  • Oil, check balance and clearance of the outdoor fan.
  • Check the refrigeration levels.
  • Check the compressor amps, and take the amperage reading on the crankcase heater.
  • Check to make sure the defroster is operational.
  • Check the conditioning of wires in both the indoor and the outdoor units.
  • Tighten all the connections and inspect contractors for proper operation.
  • Cycle test the operation of the system.
  • Check the condition of the ductwork.

To find out specifics on our commercial air conditioning and heating maintenance plans, contact Edge Heating & Air.

“I truly can't say enough about this company. Hottest day of the year, yes they came out and fixed the problem. Customer service was spot on . Very knowledgeable found the problem in about 15 minutes. worn out Capacitor. No up sell just straight to the problem and fixed it. Thank you very much. I couldn't be happier.”

Jeff Hohnstine,