Ductwork & Ventilation Services

The team at Edge Heating & Air has been providing a high-quality ductwork and ventilation services to both residential and commercial customers for over 15 years. Our professional, experienced team and a very high set of standards make it easy to have your home or business up and running with an improved system in no time.

Ductless Systems Offer New Options to Homeowners

These types of systems were almost unheard of 20 years ago but with their popularity on the rise, they are now offering customers a new way to augment their current HVAC system. If you are experiencing indoor climate issues or need a new way to heat your home, this type of system may be just what you need to improve the your comfort level indoors. These flexible and efficient systems are similar to zonal heating or cooling and use individual units to heat or cool a particular space. Additionally, they exist outside of a traditional central heat pump or ducting system, hence the name "ductless".

Flexible Ventilation Is Customizable

This type of system is ideal for heating or cooling only the areas of the home that you are currently in. They are relatively easy to install and because of their flexibility, offer a vast improvement over installing window air conditioners or portable electric heaters to regulate your comfort levels. You may make good use of this type of HVAC system if you experience any of the following:

  • A shared home space
  • High heating or cooling costs
  • A vacation or second home
  • A need for heating and cooling only in certain rooms

Make the Switch to Ductless Ventilation

Don't get caught relying on an outdated HVAC system when you could be staying comfortable with this flexible option. Get ahead of the game and enjoy a ductless system tailored to your individual needs. If you're interested in becoming more energy efficient and are considering a ductless system, give us a call and we can schedule one of our specialists to perform a home assessment and provide you with a personalized quote.

Have you considered making the switch to geothermal

“We recently had our new Maytag system installed by the excellent team of Edge Heating and Air. Tom and his team had the system installed within days from the initial informative consultation. Just in time to beat this heat. We are absolutely pleased by the work they did start to finish. They made sure we were happy with the final product and came in a few days after to check on system again. He also installed the awesome Nest system, which we love!”

Mireya Gonzalez-Silva,