Escondido Air Conditioning Repair and Installation

When you need Escondido AC repair services, trust the experts from Edge Heating & Air. We’ve been providing Escondido AC services for over 15+ years. Our expert team is here to offer solutions to your AC troubles anytime they arise.

24/7 Escondido AC Repair

While Escondido has a few chilly months in the winter, don’t be fooled. The summertime can bring about temperatures that reach the triples digits! In this way, it’s ideal for residents of Escondido, like yourself, to prepare for the summer months.
After a long day outside in the California sunshine, it’s certainly refreshing to relax in your air-conditioned home. But when your air conditioning goes out, things can start to heat up pretty quickly, turning your fun summer day into an unpleasant one. That’s when you need to contact an AC repair company you can trust, like Edge Heating & Air.
Whether you need AC maintenance, air conditioning repair service, or to replace your AC unit altogether, Edge Heating & Air has you covered. Our highly qualified team of technicians is ready to meet your needs.
Escondido Air Conditioning Repair and Installation

New Technologies have Made a Big Impact on HVAC

At Edge Heating & Air, we understand that a new air conditioner is a significant expense and is often an unplanned one. That’s why our service technicians are trained to accurately diagnose the problem and provide the best solution for your situation.
Sometimes, the cost to repair your air conditioner is minor, making it the appropriate option. In other instances, it may be worth upgrading to a new AC unit altogether, rather than repairing a system that’s already on its way out. These days, new technologies have brought about major improvements for heating ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems. For example, installing a new AC unit can help you to achieve as much as 28% in energy savings. That’s as much as $300 in savings per year!
At Edge Heating & Air, we’re certified to repair all major air conditioning systems, but when you’re ready to make the upgrade, we also have many systems in stock and ready for installation. This is just one of the reasons we’re your trusted Escondido air conditioning repair service.

Solving Problems and Finding Solutions for Your HVAC System

The next time you experience an air conditioning problem, remember that Edge Heating & Air is ready to help solve your AC troubles on short notice. Solving problems and finding solutions is what we do, and we do it by providing exceptional value and service.

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