Heat Pump Repair and Installation

Most people don’t associate Southern California with cold air, but our team at Edge Heating & Air knows how low temperatures can plummet in the winter!

When it’s frosty outside, nothing can make your home feel more comfortable and cozy than a well-functioning heating system. But when something goes wrong with it, you may find yourself feeling like you’ve been left out in the cold. Keep that winter chill outside and help make sure everyone is comfortable indoors with heat pump repair and installation services from your local Murrieta HVAC experts.

Heating Repair Services You Can Count On

No one wants to wake up in the middle of the night to find that their heat pump is no longer working. But if you do, know that the experienced team at Edge Heating & Air is available with 24-hour emergency services.
A broken heater is sure to make you and your loved ones feel uncomfortable, and if left without repair, you may be facing significant health risks as well.
We understand that heating problems don’t always arise when it’s convenient for everyone. That’s why, when you give us a call, we always have service technicians on standby and ready to head straight to your door.
Heat Pump Repair and Installation

Contact the Edge team if you experience any of the following heating issues:

  • Broken Thermostat
  • Air Circulation Problems
  • Dirty or Clogged Filter
  • Heating System Pilot or Ignition Control Problems
  • No Air Flow

Heating Installation Services

Sometimes an old heating pump simply can’t be saved and needs to be replaced. When that happens, our team at Edge Heating & Air is ready to tackle your new heating system installation. We can provide you with replacement options that will fit your needs and your budget.

Stay Warm with Heating Services from Edge

Before the winter chill sets in, get in touch with our team at Edge Heating & Air for preventative maintenance. Whether you need a system inspection or certain minor issues need repair, don’t get caught out in the cold.
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Put your trust in our expert service technicians to solve your heating and air conditioning troubles. 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, we’re here for you.